Blood Tournament 3D smallBLOOD TOURNAMENT

The year is 2018, the place is New World, and the event is the 3rd Annual Fight Tournament. Forty contestants are pitted against each other; ten are expected to be alive at the end of the game…
When 19-year old Alex King and secret crush Mercy Damalie are chosen to represent their district, Alex finds himself stuck between two choices – to accept Mercy’s father’s offer and escape with them, leaving his own family behind, or to go to the tournament alone.
To keep his widowed mother from losing her only son, and Mercy’s father from losing another daughter, Alex is determined to stay alive. But staying alive is only one part of the puzzle. And when he discovers he has an adversary who is determined to make sure he does not live to see another day, things can get sour very quickly…





Hell Struggle 3D small


When death survivor Alex King, together with his electrifying companion Mercy Damalie, refused to sign the contract to dedicate their lives to the services of the New Government, and walked out of the initiation ceremony, little did they know that they were triggering a powerful opposition that had lurked in the shadows for many centuries, waiting for his time on Earth.
In a strange new world filled with werewolves, fiery alien creatures and cyborg soldiers, Alex must come to terms with his true identity. He races against time and Fate to save his widowed mother and half-sisters, while struggling to maintain the love and respect of the only girl that drives his passion. But there’s something about Fate; if you refuse to follow it where it wants you to go, it will drag you there…





Tales by Twilight 3D smallTALES BY TWILIGHT

In the days before aeroplanes flew the sky and machines did our work; when people’s most important assets were their hands and their legs, and science did not exist to explain the cause and effect of everything, the humans who lived made up a lot of stories to satisfy their curiosity and explain why things happened the way they did.
The stories in this book are stories that have been passed down from generations to generations. These stories are individually short yet very relaxing, highly educative, and thoroughly amusing. They are the perfect bed-time stories for your kids, and even for adults who want to humor their inner child…





Letters of Love 3D smallLETTERS OF LOVE

My poems aren’t generally my most touted works, and very few of my beloved fans and followers would know that I write poetry, too. Yet, before I was a singer, before I was a novelist, before I was anything at all, I was just a poet.
Poetry, for me, was a medium to unburden my heart and express feelings that only I could understand, at a time when there was so much to learn, cope with and understand. It started with the first poem, A Stroll At Sunset, written in 2012, in what I would call a rather simple, unambiguous narrative. Yet, it was the first time I attempted poetry writing and I was lured by how much emotional relief it brought me. So I wrote the second poem, Lost Dream.
With each new poem, I…