Letters of Love

Four years ago today, I set out to write my very first poem, A Stroll At Sunset. Over and over again, down through the years, I’ve been back at poetry writing. Even when I decided that I wasn’t going to write another poem, I still found myself writing a poem today 🙂

For the sake of completing my new website, I had to do a quiet release of my poetry book — Letters of Love — a few months back and I haven’t done much to promote it since then. Starting from this hour, I am going to be sharing a poem from this book once in two days. If you would like to check out the complete collection, please visit:


P.S. Somebody purchased this collection not too long ago. It was a totally unexpected sale since I hadn’t shared or told anyone about the release. I know it was someone close to me as there’s no way a complete stranger would have found about the release — let alone purchase it. If you’re that person, from the bottom of my heart, I wish to say thank you.