Letters of Love

If you have this book in your hands – by choice or by chance – you should be aware that the decision to curate and publish this book was an afterthought.

My poems aren’t generally my most touted works, and very few of my beloved fans and followers would know that I write poetry, too. Yet, before I was a singer, before I was a novelist, before I was anything at all, I was just a poet.

Poetry, for me, was a medium to unburden my heart and express feelings that only I could understand, at a time when there was so much to learn, cope with and understand. It started with the first poem, A Stroll At Sunset, written in 2012, in what I would call a rather simple, unambiguous narrative. Yet, it was the first time I attempted poetry writing and I was lured by how much emotional relief it brought me. So I wrote the second poem, Lost Dream.

With each new poem, I dug deeper into myself and stripped away layers after layers of fear and uncertainty until I found a comfortable position within, from where I wrote all of the others.

This is by no means an exhaustive collection since I have a few other poems not included in this book. Nevertheless, I regard it as a comprehensive, and, above all, a complete collection because it chronicles my growth and development as an individual, a writer, and, more importantly, as a human being.

If you have this book in your hands – by choice or by chance – know that you are holding the embodiment of something that used to be me. A lot has changed since then. Apparently, a lot had to change. Some would call it growth. A few will call it a transformation. But to be quite fair, I am still that person – at least, to a certain extent. I believe that is the beauty of surrendering yourself to a purpose that is greater than you. You can be whatever you want to be and still be you.

They say pain changes people, but so does love. For me, that purpose was fulfilled, first in falling in love, and then in learning what it means. True love is a virtue of honour. We love people and they don’t love us back so that we can learn to love without expectations. In the end, love is something you freely give, and not necessarily something you receive.

It is more honourable to love than to be loved. If you are in love with someone, understand that it says nothing about that person but a lot about you. Few things are more crucial to life, and love is the longest living legacy that can cross your path.

I hope you enjoy reading these poems as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Yours Truly,

King Samuel Benson


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