“Tales By Twilight: A Collection of African Folktales” Paperback Version Now Available!

Hey folks, I am so happy to make this special announcement!

If you have read any of my books, you must have chanced upon my children folktales ebooks, Tales By Twilight and Why Newly Born Babies Can’t Talk. What am I saying, you have probably even read them both. Thank you 🙂

The good news is that both ebooks are now available in one paperback format ready for purchase on Amazon.

Everyone who has read these ebooks loved them. There are rave reviews on Amazon as a matter of fact — you can see for yourself by clicking here and here.

Now you can get both eBooks in one paperback format, delivered to you straight from Amazon!

If you haven’t read either eBooks, trust me, these are short stories that you’ll love. They are short animal fables from the lost cultures of West Africa, told to me by my grandma, Nene Benson Egwakhide, from earliest childhood.

All six short stories contain simple yet powerful anecdotes about life, people, and relationships. All six short stories in the new Tales By Twilight paperback book also contain morally inspiring lessons that are reminiscent of the good old days when life was simpler and people were easier to deal with.

These African short stories are highly inspiring at best and very amusing at worst. Although, these short stories told from Africa appear to be tailored for children, they are a collection of short stories that everyone will find appealing. Those who have read it already know what I am talking about.

Go ahead and check it out on Amazon!

BUY this book, my friend. For keepsakes, for the sake of your children, or your grandchildren. They’ll thank you for it. Many years after they are grown, your children will continue to thank you for making up their childhood (just as my grandma made mine) with these six, short, charming African folktales.
Look, my friend. It is not everyday that you chance upon folktales from Africa. Ancient cultures are dying. There are no African folktales in your local library. Go ahead, and check. Even the giant Amazon has no category for African Folktales. It’s is because there are no listings. They don’t teach you about African folktales in school. Even if you try to search the Internet for “African folktales,” you can be guaranteed that the little information that you’ll find will be as good as crap.

Some opportunities only come once! Once you have a paperback copy of Tales By Twilight on your office desk, dinning table, or in your handbag, you have a part of Africa that will live with you forever.

Stories are memories. And variety, we all know, is the spice of life. Spice up your life with the rare, precious stories found in Tales By Twilight — a collection of African folktales.

You see, all that matters in the end will be the stories that you heard (read) and the ones you told. Makes yours memorable! Make YOURS count! Tales By Twilight can be YOURS this instant! You know it’s true. It’s NOW or never. Take action now, and in the next 5 minutes, you will receive a confirmation email from Amazon telling you that your purchase has been shipped to your address. These are short stories that you’ll love and continue to remember long after you’ve read them. Don’t miss this opportunity whatever you do!

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