Tales by Twilight

In the days before aeroplanes flew the sky and machines did our work; when people’s most important assets were their hands and their legs, and science did not exist to explain the cause and effect of everything, the humans who lived made up a lot of stories to satisfy their curiosity and explain why things happened the way they did.

The stories in this book are stories that have been passed down from generations to generations. These stories are individually short yet very relaxing, highly educative, and thoroughly amusing. They are the perfect bed-time stories for your kids, and even for adults who want to humor their inner child.

These short stories pulled at my heart strings; they made me feel like a kid experiencing them in real life. — TODD THIEDE, Amazon Bestselling Author of Time Killer

Tales by Twilight isn’t your ordinary children stories collection. These short stories will touch your heart with their uniqueness and plenty of lessons to be learned. — PETER COLLIER, Children Stories Author, Canada.


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