What’s Up?

I mean, “What have WE been up to?”

We’ve been pondering over that little question ourselves. For the benefit of the Beloved, we’ve thought of a way to contain our response in a 500-word article. We like lists, do you? Because that’s the only way we can tell you everything we’ve been up to, and not miss a bit.

So here goes…



It might make sense to start right off where we left off (Sorry, I left off since there was only one of us operating at the time).

That means we have two timelines: 2015 and 2016.

Let’s start with 2015.


  1. We started the year with a lot of expectations.
  2. By March, we were still unable to get in… sorry, get through… I mean, get out.
  3. We went to the School of Hard Knocks and wrote the same exams over and over again, until the authorities asked us to leave.
    ...we were grounded at rock-bottom

    …we were grounded at rock-bottom…

  4. We “graduated” out of the School of Hard Knocks with a lot of skills and experiences, but with no certification and with nothing to do with it.
  5. So, we went to the School of Wisdom, down in the valley of Bottomland, to learn what to do with ourselves. It was a rough, downhill ride, I can tell ya, and we hit rock-bottom hard. We remain ever grateful for Bottomland and its rock-bottom because that is where we found each other.
  6. In December, we left rock-bottom with nothing but a dream and a purpose, and we began our journey to the mountains of Love, which is on the other side of Bottomland and where we hope to accomplish our dream and purpose.


  1. By January 1, we were on the mountains of Love, and we found nothing but bliss. We had a long waiting period. We learnt about faith and integrity, and how to harness our divine power.
    ...until we found love...

    …until we found love…

  2. At the end of the wait, we realised we had developed a lot of character. It was a real, tough period of learning for us, but Love halved our pain. We didn’t know it at the time but we were running through Love‘s test.
  3. By the beginning of March, we had already received our 3rd debriefing. It took us four months to develop our faith and integrity to the minimum level, and in mid-April, Love accepted us.
  4. It is May. Such beautiful month. We have received our 4th debriefing, and we are ready for fieldwork. Love has authorised our business, and we are employees of Love.

If this reads or feels weird to you, or dare I say stupid, then you’re probably lacking some love in your life. Loosen up, friend. This life ain’t as strict as we try to make it. You should be able to do whatever the f you want to do, so long as you only do what you feel in your heart to be right. Become whoever you want to become. It’s your life. Learn to live it. Be proud of you.