WHY I Love The English Language!

Some people may not know it, but English is my first language. And as much as I love the English language, I never cease to be amazed at its flexibility. English is probably the most flexible language in the world, and it is also the funniest, especially when you really understand it.

For instance, think about how one line of sentence can be used to express several different meanings, depending ONLY on how you arrange the words.

And that is why:

1. “That’s not so going to work” and “That’s so not going to work” can mean totally different things.

2. “I am there already” is not the same as “I am already there.”

3. “Are you already ready?” is grammatically correct and “Are you ready already?” is wrong.

Now, if you consider the excuse called ‘Synonym,’ you can understand why a house can “burn up” as it “burns down,” why you can be “held up” even as you are “held down,” and why you can be “half asleep” even while you are “half awake.”

Do you know how to turn your clothes IN-SIDE-OUT?

And lastly, there’s the issue of gender discrimination, which bothers me. That is why a man can be “beautiful” but a woman cannot be “handsome.”


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